A compliant and worker driven Umbrella payroll service ideal for those who are captured under the new IR35 reform.

Providing a fair pay solution to your workers whilst satisfying your clients compliance decisions and maximising agency margins.

Umbrella is a well-known service and term in the recruitment and payroll industry. It is typically associated with a service that was commonplace prior to 2016, when changes were made to ITEPA (Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003).

However, the new and improved Umbrella payroll being provided by ProPaye has been added to our suite of services in response to the Governments IR35 reform and client demand.

Despite the amendments to the ITEPA legislation, and it being far more complex than before to process expenses, so many providers don’t, it is possible to do so; and compliantly. ProPaye have ensured that there are thorough processes in place to vet the expenses being claimed by workers and we are aware of what circumstances make them allowable, ultimately meaning we can help workers ensure their take home pay is reflective of their hard work despite being on an umbrella contract.

ProPaye’s ethos has always been about looking after the worker, so where many payroll providers/Umbrella service providers charge both a margin and a cost comparative to the employer’s national insurance onto the worker, ProPaye place no margin to the worker engaged on our umbrella contract.


Service benefits

  • 10+ years of payroll industry experience
  • A fair Umbrella alternative for workers compared to traditional payroll services
  • Ideal for workers deemed inside IR35 by clients
  • No payroll processing fee to workers
  • Employment costs no longer agencies commercial responsibility
  • Possibility for workers to claim compliant expenses where eligible
  • Reduced agency responsibility & HR costs
  • HMRC audited and aligned to best practice
  • Independently Dains audited and approved
  • All workers are fully employed under contract of service
  • Minimum pay-rate of £11ph for compliance purposes
  • No agency tie-in (we can run your payroll for a week, or continuously as required)
  • Free employee benefits package available
  • Free comprehensive DNI cover for driving agencies
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Full DR (Disaster Recovery) implementation and cloud-based data redundancy (Payroll runs on time, every time)
  • Only a £1 charge per payslip for the agency

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If you’re still thinking, why should I work with an intermediary? Or if you would simply like to discuss in detail the benefits of engaging with a specialist in the industry, such as ProPaye Outsourcing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team to find out exactly how we can support our clients.


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