The most cost-effective, compliant and service driven outsourced employment and payroll solution available to the UK temporary recruitment market.

Providing employment security to your temporary workforce – whilst maximising your Agency margins.

TEMPay is not a bureau service, not a loan scheme, not a contract for services, not self-employment, not hybrid and it is not an umbrella scheme. All workers are fully employed under contract and incur no salary deductions beyond their own personal tax and NI. Since legislation changes back in 2016 the popularity of traditional umbrella services has seen a rapid decline. ProPaye’s TEMPay – outsourced employment and payroll service – is now considered the mainstream choice for agencies engaging with lower earning temporary workers. With substantial reduction in agency employment costs, our clients are able to increase margins whilst simultaneously offering workers a safe and fair pay arrangement in line with government initiative - The Good Work Plan.

Service benefits

  • 10+ years of payroll industry experience
  • More cost-effective than traditional umbrella schemes or any in-house PAYE arrangement
  • No employee deductions other than personal tax and NI
  • Employment costs no longer agencies commercial responsibility
  • No expenses involved
  • Reduced agency responsibility & HR costs
  • HMRC audited & approved and aligned to best practice
  • Independently Dains audited and approved
  • All workers are fully employed under contract of service
  • No minimum pay-rate (national minimum wage applies)
  • No agency tie-in (we can run your payroll for a week, or continuously as required)
  • Employee benefits package available
  • Free comprehensive DNI cover for driving agencies
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Full DR (Disaster Recovery) implementation and cloud-based data redundancy (Payroll runs on time, every time)
  • Only a £1 charge per payslip for the agency

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If you’re still thinking, why should I work with an intermediary? Or if you would simply like to discuss in detail the benefits of engaging with a specialist in the industry, such as ProPaye Outsourcing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team to find out exactly how we can support our clients.


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