Utilising our Limited outsource payroll service not only assures you of strict compliance, but the commercial benefits to both agency and Limited Company workers is considerable.

Working with individuals who provide their services through personal service companies (PSC’s) has been a relatively straight forward relationship for agencies. With IR35 currently holding the individual responsible for its status determination there has been little risk in agencies utilising Limited workers to satisfy contracts. However, from receiving multiple invoices and with the IR35 reform fast approaching, now is an ideal time to consider the benefits of outsourcing your direct engagement with your limited workforce to a provider who knows all there is about outsourcing, the compliance in the industry and ensuring safety in labour supply chains.

Service benefits

  • No charges to the workers Limited Company
  • Stops the agency from the risks associated with being the fee payer in the supply chain of labour under IR35 reform April 2020
  • More cost effective to agencies than engaging directly
  • Substantial reduction in agency admin
  • No need for the Limited Company to raise invoices
  • There will no longer be the need for your agency to pay numerous invoices, instead you will simply be receiving one invoice for the value of the timesheet sent to ProPaye Outsourcing
  • A self-bill is sent to the Limited workers portal for their own records
  • Only a £1 charge per self-bill for the agency
  • Fully compliant and aligned to HMRC best practice
  • All workers are engaged on contract for service
  • 24/7 service and support to our clients
  • Public Liability Insurance available to Limited Companies
  • No agency tie-in (we can run your payroll for a week, or continuously as required)
  • Full DR (Disaster Recovery) implementation and cloud-based data redundancy (Payroll runs on time, every time)

Through ProPaye’s Limited service we can offer safe engagement whilst minimising administrative tasks for agencies and the element of their workforce who are providing services through their own PSC’s, however this isn’t an accountancy service and operatives remain responsible for all submissions to HMRC including matters relating to VAT and taxation any other revenue requirements.

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If you’re still thinking, why should I work with an intermediary? Or if you would simply like to discuss in detail the benefits of engaging with a specialist in the industry, such as ProPaye Outsourcing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team to find out exactly how we can support our clients.


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